NFlick 0.2

10 Jul 2006 » permalink

Update: The NFlick source code is now available on GitHub.

I did some tinkering with NFlick yesterday and just released the 0.2 version. NFlick is an application to quickly browse your flickr photos sets. A cafe-like “I want to show you that photo” solution.

NFlick 03   NFlick 04

NFlick 05   NFlick 06

The major changes include:

With this kind of applications, it’s always possible to extend them into infinity (searching, uploading photos, being able to browse related contact photos, viewing comments, etc). But it’s very usable for me at the moment, and hopefully for others too. The source lives in the Subversion repository:

svn co

Note: If you’re using NFlick 0.1.0 please uninstall the package before installing the new version. There were some packaging changes and a simple upgrade won’t work.

Oh, and besides: I'm going to LugRadio Live 2006. I’ll be doing a small Diva talk. I'm anxious to see how Birmingham and Linux will tune in together. It’s a good test drive before Guadec 2007. Hope to see you all there.