22 Jun 2006 » permalink

GUADEC is spinning up! I'm arriving in Barcelona at 14:30, and we’re meeting up with Philip and Andreas at the Vienna gate (15:30) to share the trip to Villanova. Feel free to join us.

The Diva talk will happen at Tuesday around ~15:00.

In other news I was doing some N770 hacking recently. I built a small application to quickly browse & explore Flickr photo collections.

NFlick 01   NFlick 02

It works pretty fast (much faster than using a web browser) and your photos are just one tap away from the main app screen. It’s written in plain C using the public Flickr API accessed via http/neon.

I'm planning to add support for uploading photos too. This would make N770 + digital camera a killer “on-the-go” set.