NFlick 0.3.0

26 Nov 2006 » permalink

Update:The NFlick source code is now available on GitHub.

It seems one of the more annoying limitations of NFlick was it’s inability to display photos that don’t belong to any photoset (unsetted photos). A lot of flickers don’t use photosets at all, and for them NFlick wouldn’t show a single photo. Not good.

So I did a little bit of work and the just-released version 0.3.0 addresses this issue.

NFlick 0.3.0

Other new features include:

The usual collection of links:

NFlick is a side-project of mine, but tigert has this neat idea to turn your 770 into a flickr photoframe that cycles through the recent photos posted by your contacts. It would sit quietly on your desk (connected to power & net obviously) and light-up when new content is available. I hope we’ll sit down to it at some point.