Gdv# demo

02 Sep 2005 » permalink

Update: If you work day-to-day with video editing software and you'd like to drop me a few suggestions/hints regarding the user interface, please do join the diva-cutters mailing list.

While working on Diva I developed a library (Gdv) to encapsulate all the GStreamer internals. At first I wanted to tightly integrate that into Diva, but at some point it became obvious that Gdv can be a stand-alone library for higher-level access to media files.

In this demo aimed at developers (28MB) I'm building a simple video player in just 5 minutes and two screenfulls of C# code.

Gdv diva demo

One can argue, that instead of Gdv we need decent gstreamer-sharp bindings for mono. That’s true, but still GStreamer is a very low-level API and for certain tasks Gdv might be of use.

Some time ago Scott sent me an upgraded version of my fixme2html script. It’s written in perl and works much better than my bashy version.