Fix the FIXME

03 Aug 2005 » permalink

So we put these little FIXME notes all among the source code as a cheap excuse for our laziness. Have you ever thought what happens to the old, all-abbandoned FIXME’s? Here is the answer.

I hacked a simple fixme2html bash script that converts all the project FIXME’s into a nice, DOM-oriented HTML file like this. Try clicking the fixme blocks to expand the coresponding source code. It should work in IE as well.

Since FIXMEs are actually personal notes, they provide an excellent material for analyzing the emotional profile of the given suspect. My plan now is to write a simple parser to scan FIXMEs and generate Freudian diagnosis reports for the source-file author. That involves some dictionary parsing, but overally it looks like a simple task (FIXME: Why am I so vulgar in my fixmes?)

You can customize the script to your needs, take a look at the header.