"Just make it look pro and important..."

25 Aug 2005 » permalink

It seems there is a lot of talking regarding video editing on Linux recently. That’s good. PiTiVi got some attention, and I recommend you to check it out. It looks pretty interesting. Harvey and I we have same goals but much different ways to achieve them. I'm going to post a small wrap-up comparing the technological differences/assumptions between Diva and PiTiVi soon.

I also managed to put my hands on Positron — a video editing software based on blender. I was much disappointed to see that this application comes as single 7MB binary executable (no source code release). I was expecting a huge vomit of shared object not found! failure messages, and was really surprised to see a pretty professional interface coming up without a glitch:


Unfortunately I can’t write more as I failed to import any media file into Positron (and I tried many, believe me). One would expect much more from a software that is version 1.0.0 and (as the website says) “…is geared towards replacing software such as Avid, Apple’s Final Cut Pro, and Discreet’s Flame”. I have a bad feeling that Positron is right now only about the professional interface (BTW they call it “Easy-to-learn, user-friendly, intuitive”). I might be wrong, but one has to estimate since there is no documentation, no FAQ’s, no anything…

In other news — after seeing what Richard does to cairo-clearlooks I decided to jump in the Cairo bandwagon.

Diva cairo

Some more serious cairo screenshots coming shortly.