Towards GStreamer 0.9

16 Aug 2005 » permalink

Thanks to Edward I got interested in what the GStreamer guys are cooking for the next release. After some some chattering on #gstreamer I got seduced into checking out gstreamer 0.9 CVS. The new API & features are very interesting and I decided to port my DIVA stuff to 0.9. Actually — “redesign to 0.9” would be a better word.

Unfortunately the 0.9 implementation is still somewhat incomplete and buggy (it’s “development” right?), and I've got a hard time here trying to achieve the same functionality I managed to get with 0.8 (using a lot of dirty tricks though). But on the other hand — there is no sense in writing for 0.8 since the new API is very video-editing friendly and more complicated GST elements can be written. Oh — and you don’t have to deal with threads on your own anymore…

I got an interesting e-mail from Alan Clontz, who proposes to use AviSynth as the video backend instead of reinventing the wheel. It’s an interesting idea but I'd rather stick to plain GStreamer. There are several reasons for this:

Some not-so-impressive screenshots of the stuff I've been dealing with lately:

Diva shot 1Diva shot 2

Diva shot 1

In other news I've released a fresh version of Monotheka. Shamefully this release consists mostly of the patches/code other people sent me.