One mutex short

05 Jul 2005 » permalink

GStreamer rocks in terms of design, but this an uncharted territory yet. It seems I'm slowly moving forward, but along the way I bump all the time on strange issues and (perhaps?) bugs. I decided to skip them right now and not waste time on things I that can be (temporarily) driven around. Ronald gives a helping hand, but I can’t bug him all the time ;)

I did some “proof-of-concepts” recently and now I'm wrapping that into a decent libGdv code. It looks like I managed to achieve a nice, not-a-single-frame-dropped timeline interface. Actually it’s somewhat better than the Totem thing in terms of playback:

All this comes at the cost of a certain start/stop latency. Play to pause is instant. But pause to play has a small latency (around 1/5th of a second). That’s noticable. It’s partially my implementation, and partially GStreamer itself. Anyways, I think that for a video editor that’s acceptable.

Note: It’s a shame but the SoC photo gallery triggers the infamous nvidia bug on my box (it happens very rarely on my machine). Perhaps something can be done about that? I suppose I'm not the only one that suffers.