Here's looking at you, kid - Showtime #3

30 Jul 2005 » permalink

I enjoy competition too Richard ;) Since we have so much different assumptions (gstreamer vs libquicktime, gtk vs fltk…) , I think we can come up with some intersting results. Well, at least we agree that all current Linux video-editing solutions do suck ;)

I was surprised to see you've choosen FLTK for the sake of the compilation speed. It never occured to me that the act of compilation is slowing down my work. Maybe this is because I tend to split to project into many independent modules (.dll files in case of C#). I actually noticed – the more I code, the less I compile.

In fact, my compilations are so fast that I didn’t even care to setup vim to handle the native C# error messages. I just hit ‘make’ and I fix the first error I see. Then I hit ‘make’ again. Maybe this is because the mcs compiler is so fast (no, I don’t own a super-geeky fast machine)

Anyways – here comes another demo. It’s mostly same stuff as last time (timeline), but with more eyecandy. I'm also presenting the insert in-between feature.

Diva demo 3

Yes, this famous quote comes from Casablanca (Bogart says that). It’s always placed somewhere in the top-ten movie quotes ever. I'm ready to buy a big beer to anybody who gives me a clue what does it literally mean.