Simple player

29 Jun 2005 » permalink

For the purpose of testing libGdv I wrote myself a simple player…

Diva first screenshot

It might look pretty unimpressive on the shot, but It already does quite a lot of things. Using Gdv I'm able to align 3 clips captured from my video camera (avi’s with sound) on the abstract timeline and add two music mp3’s playing in the background. Sound is mixed automatically. Nice & smooth playback.

It’s already multi-threaded. One thread for the actual pipeline processing, one for managing the sound device (alsa), one for video output (xvimage) and one for the GUI (application) itself. I'm working now on adding the timeline seeking capabilities.

On the sidenote — It’s been some time since I worked with plain C/Gtk stuff. To my surprise I discovered that everything I learned using gtk-sharp can be “reused” with just a little peeking at the API documentation.