Status update

06 Nov 2005 » permalink

So now for some Diva news…

During the past month I was basically rewriting the whole engine part from scratch. It’s not 100% done yet, but the overall design is already there. It’s modularized, extensible, and should be enough to implement all the cool ideas that were proposed on diva-cutters list.

There will be some deja-vu now happening, as I'm porting the “old” interface to the new engine (upgrading everything in the meantime).

The first thing I ported is the interface to manage/import files into project. I'm demoing it here alone (without the rest of the GUI).

Diva bin

A new feature I particularly like are the labels — an idea borrowed directly from GMail. The point is that you can “label” everything (media files, filters, export settings, etc.) the way you want it. Ie. you can use labels to mark people appearing in shots. Or just mark the shots that are out of focus. Or use it to organize shots into scenes…

Usually video editing software offers “folders” (or “bins”) to organize your stuff. But labels are much more efficient!

Stay tuned, the timeline is coming back soon.