28 Oct 2005 » permalink

I really like the idea of the Tango project. I somehow enjoyed the original, desaturated gnome icon-style more — but I suppose it’s all a matter of a personal taste. You just can’t make everyone happy. And it’s a small price to pay for unification (yes, we need standards badly).

Providing a visually-unified system is our chance to gain some points over Windows (where everything comes from a different planet — in terms of icon/application style). As of yet, the only system truly unified is the Mac OSX. Possibly this is why certain people find it so attractive.

I'd love to see Tango-style icons in Diva. Right now I'm borrowing some icons from Gimp but this is a temporary solution (duplicating icons in a different context confuses the users). So if you’re an icon-artist with some free time…